Today in the city King City 19.06.2018
Report: Super Bowl Brought $370M to Economy of Twin Cities

A report released by Gov. Mark Dayton's office says the Super Bowl brought $370 million in new spending to the Twin Cities area.

Scientists Use Lasers To Map An Ancient City In Jordan

The researchers used a technology known as LiDAR to map the city of Jerash. It's helping them understand its past, as a growing modern city encroaches on the well-preserved ancient site.

National Guardsman's body found near Ellicott City after being swept away by floodwaters

The body of a National Guardsman was found in a Maryland river Tuesday, two days after he went missing while attempting to rescue a woman and her cat during devastating flash floods that swept through...

The 16 most expensive cities in the world for commuting to work

Commuting to work via public transportation is usually cheaper than driving everywhere. But in these major cities, a monthly pass for public transportation may still be a major expense. The most expen...

The Cities Creating The Most White-Collar Jobs, 2018

There's a shift under way in the geography of high-paid professional work, with some of the strongest creation of new positions for the likes of lawyers, accountants and architects happening far from...

Virgilio Martinez To Open First Restaurant In Asia-- Ichu Peru In Hong Kong

Virgilio Martinez of award-winning Central in Peru will be opening his first restaurant in Asia, Ichu Peru, in Hong Kong this July.

2018 Ellicott City, Maryland Flooding Explained Using A 4th Grade Water Cycle Lesson

The science of the 2018 Ellicott City, Maryland Floods from the perspective of a 4th grade water cycle lesson.

The rise and fall of New York City's 'Taxi King' who reportedly agreed to cooperate with the government as a potential witness against longtime business partner Michael Cohen

Evgeny "Gene" Freidman was commonly referred to as New York City's Taxi King — notably by the New York attorney general's office and the law firms that have filed suit against him. At one point,...

I ate at Hong Kong's 'cafeteria for the wealthy,' where the city's rich and famous hobnob over flawless Cantonese food

Fook Lam Moon is one of the most famous restaurants in Hong Kong, known as one of the best places for Cantonese cuisine. Over the years, its clientele of rich businessmen, property magnates, poli...

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